Jul 2022
Intern Jackson Zhao
Jul 2022
IDSA Interview with Matt Beale
Jan 2022
Engineer Kirk Porter
Jul 2021
Mechanical Engineer Keith Heffley
Jul 2021
Mechanical Engineer Christopher Holliday
Jun 2021
Industrial Designer Emma Coughlin
Sep 2020
Matthew Sass Teaches Digital Prototyping
Mar 2020
Staying Connected, Flattening the Curve
Sep 2019
Engineer Matt Kahn
Jul 2019
Mechanical Designer Luke Yount
Jul 2019
UX/UI Designer Jenn Scott
Mar 2019
Design Lives Here 2019
Feb 2019
Pitt Medical Devices Guest Lecture
Jan 2019
Chris Stygar rejoins Daedalus
Sep 2018
Electrical Engineer Mitcham Tuell
Aug 2018
Industrial Designer Joe McCarry
Mar 2018
Design Lives Here
Feb 2018
World Information Architecture Day
Oct 2017
CCAC STEM Club & Gregory Smith
Oct 2017
Daedalus Sponsors 2017 PTC Tech50
Aug 2017
Degentesh & Johnson Speak Out
Jun 2017
2017 PTC Design & Maker Award
May 2017
Dr. Johnson Reprises TEDxErie Talk
Mar 2017
Flat Screen TV Deconstruction Lunch
Aug 2016
Daedalus Sponsors PTC Tech50
Jul 2016
Matt Beale and Design Fundamentals
Jun 2016
Patent News
May 2016
New Rapid Prototyping Capabilities
May 2016
Daedalus Hosts IDSA Reception
Apr 2016
Rail Safety 2016
Feb 2016
Keurig Kold Deconstruction
Jan 2016
Hacked by Barbie: Security in IoT devices
Dec 2015
TEDxErie: The (Ungraceful) Art of Aging
Sep 2015
Bryan Kroh Teaches CAD Modeling
Apr 2015
Daedalus Hosts Lecture for Tepper
Jan 2015
Bryan Kroh Teaches CAD Modeling
Jan 2015
Matthew Sass Teaches Digital Prototyping
Nov 2014
IDSA's The Usability Ecosystem Workshop
Nov 2014
So You Have a Great Idea. Where Do You Go From There? Reprise
Nov 2014
Alfred University Webinar
Aug 2014
Connecting Pittsburgh Creatives
Aug 2014
Bryan Kroh in Art Institute of Pittsburgh show
Jul 2014
Matt Meurer Teaching Industrial Design at CMU
Jun 2014
So You Have a Great Idea. Where Do You Go From There?
May 2014
Daedalus Guest Lectures for CMU Entrepreneurs
Apr 2014
35th Anniversary Party Highlights
Mar 2014
Daedalus Offers Design Thinking Webinar
Feb 2014
Highlights from The New Experience Model: IDSA hosts Daedalus and Microsoft
Dec 2013
Daedalus Judges Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards in China
Oct 2013
Software Engineer Rich Huber
Aug 2013
Daedalus Research Manager on PTC Medical Devices Experts Panel
May 2013
Matt Beale, Tim Fletcher Travel to China as Invited Speakers for Redesign Design
May 2013
Daedalus Published in AAMI Horizons
May 2013
Vijay Chakravarthy and Matt Beale Judge IDSA Student Merit Awards
May 2013
Daedalus Sponsoring PTC 2013 Design, Art, and Technology Awards
Apr 2013
Matt Beale Presenting at IDSA Central District Design Conference
Apr 2013
Design Profession Survey
Mar 2013
Carolynn Johnson Presents at HFES Symposium on Health Care
Oct 2012
PTC JumpStart 180 Featuring Daedalus
Oct 2012
Vijay Chakravarthy Wins Bronze at 2012 International Spark Design Awards
Sep 2012
B2B Social Media Lunch & Learn, August 28
Aug 2012
Daedalus Named to 2012 Pittsburgh 100
Aug 2012
Social Madness and Free Ride
Jun 2012
Daedalus and the Social Madness Challenge
May 2012
Daedalus Sponsors Upcoming Roger Martin PTC Talk
Mar 2012
Why Brainstorming Doesn't Work Lunch & Learn, 3/20/12
Feb 2012
Daedalus Receives Carnegie Science Award
Dec 2011
Tim Fletcher Judges China’s Red Star Design Competition
Jul 2011
Simple Prototyping Lunch & Learn, July 14
Jul 2011
Successful Ethnography Lunch & Learn
Jun 2011
Upcoming Ethnography Lunch & Learn, June 29
Jun 2011
Successful Prototyping Lunch & Learn, Encore Session July 14
May 2011
Tim Fletcher Travels to China
Jan 2011
Software Engineer Gregory Smith
Jan 2011
Cognitive Psychologist Carolynn Johnson
Dec 2010
Daedalus Wins Two More GOOD DESIGN Awards in 2010
Apr 2010
Daedalus Wins a GOLD Appliance DESIGN Award
Feb 2010
Electrical Engineer Craig Campbell
Jan 2010
Daedalus Wins a 2009 GOOD DESIGN Award
Sep 2009
ICEHOTEL - Designing Art
Nov 2007
Mechanical Engineer Scott Harshbarger
Aug 2007
All Aboard! Seven-Year-Old Gives Away ‘Wish’ to Other Young Cancer Patients
Oct 2006
Developing Products That Are 4moms
Jun 2006
Daedalus and ThoughtForm Create Research Toolbox
Jun 2005
Exceeding Forecasts
Jun 2005
Open House Recap
May 2005
Adventures in Technology
Feb 2005
Daedalus One of Fifty
Feb 2005
Daedalus on Non-Profit Boards
Sep 2004
Daedalus and Automobile Journal
Sep 2004
Daedalus Named to Pittsburgh 100, Again