A composite image. The left image shows the Create logo and the Pittsburgh Technology Council logo superimposed over an image of wires and components for a prototype. The right image shows Matt Beale accepting a Create award.
Jun 2017

2017 PTC Design & Maker Award

The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Create Festival celebrates the region's work at the intersection of creativity, technology, art and ingenuity.

At this year's Create, Daedalus was honored with the Design & Maker award for the Radius area gas monitor, a product we developed with Industrial Scientific. The Design & Maker award highlights evolving trends in industrial design, prototyping, and design thinking.

The Radius is the safety industry’s most portable wireless area gas monitor. The product's industrial design redefined ruggedness, visibility, and ease-of-use in the category while contributing to its breakthrough market success.

Daedalus would like to thank Industrial Scientific for the opportunity to help with Radius and The Pittsburgh Technology Council for honoring us with this award.