A multidisciplinary team of ethnographic researchers, industrial designers, interface designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software programmers, and human factors specialists who bring better products to market.

Daedalus has proven to be a dependable and valuable resource for performing research, creating and engineering designs, developing technology, and advancing new product development.
… a diverse team of thinkers who appreciate and value their clients’ experience while at the same time knowing enough to challenge the status quo and introduce exciting concepts.
We would not be where we are today without their assistance.
They provide significant contributions whether the scope of the project is as little as providing one-time feedback on our work or as large as leading a significant project that concludes with prototypes and requires modest direct company involvement.
Precision Weight Set Case Ethnographic Research
Thermal Shaker Human Factors
Fall Safety Harness Industrial Design
Disk Cloning Software Interface Design
Whole Room Treatment System Mechanical Engineering
Touch Screen Sampling Pump Electrical Engineering
Bilirubin Screening Device Software Engineering
Cedar Siding Research Full Service Development
Are we just biological robots? Blog
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