Two SKC AirChek TOUCH Sample Pumps are shown, one of which is sitting in the charging base and one of which is sitting in front of the base.

Touch Screen Sampling Pump

The new SKC AirChek TOUCH Sample Pump is the first personal sampling pump equipped with a color touch screen. Daedalus partnered with SKC, Inc., to bring this first-of-its-kind sampling pump to market. We engineered the durable, rubberized over-molded case, the large, strong belt clip, and the all-in-one cradle that makes for easy and effortless charging, calibration, and PC communication.

"My experience working with Daedalus is very positive; everyone was very knowledgeable and forthcoming. Most importantly, the result is great – after several months in the market, the pump is generating lots of positive reviews. Initially, Daedalus was responsible for enclosure design only. As things progressed we ended up needing help with pump’s software and user interface. At our request, Daedalus took over firmware development and in a very short time turned things around and we were able to launch ACTouch as planned. In summary, I’m very pleased with Daedalus’ contribution to ACTouch and with the partnership as a whole. As a result, we are already working with Daedalus on new projects."

— Saulius Trakumas, Product Development Manager at SKC, Inc.

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