There are two side by side images. The first is of the LeanMed 02 cube in the center of the screen, surrounded by several people. The second image also shows the 02 center with 4 people wearing LeanMed t-shirts posing behind it.
Mar 2023

Daedalus, LeanMed O2 Cube Open House

Daedalus and LeanMed hosted an open house on March 7th for the public introduction of the O2 Cube, a solar powered medical-grade oxygen generation and capture system targeted for world areas with poor or intermittent power grids - essentially allowing high purity O2 to be made locally anywhere in the world.

This marked the culmination of a project started in mid-2022 to develop a marketable and manufacturable system based on LeanMed's proof of concept work done in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh. Daedalus brought our expertise in Industrial and User Experience / User Interface Design as well as Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering to the project, while LeanMed provided funding, the core technology based on existing Philips O2 generating / storing components and a passion and dedication for satisfying a critical need in developing nations. Together we created a flexible and compact solution that can make use of battery and O2 generation components local to the target countries while providing up to 12 hours of continuous oxygen generation every day the sun comes up.

The event was well attended and full of energy and excitement for LeanMed's reveal of their inaugural product (maybe due to all the high purity Oxygen made that night!). We're all looking forward to seeing the first O2 Cubes in the field soon!