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Dec 2015

TEDxErie: The (Ungraceful) Art of Aging

Research and Human Factors Manager, Carolynn Johnson, recently gave a TEDxErie talk on the changes our senses and cognitive processes undergo as we age - factors that are critical to consider in the design of products intended for an aging population.

The (Ungraceful) Art of Aging.

"I've spent years working with companies to help them design products that their users can actually use. That has always included educating companies about what happens to us as we age, to ensure that older users experiencing age related sensory decrements can still interact with these products. With the shift in healthcare of medical technology and advanced treatments moving into the home and being used by patients themselves, rather than trained medical personnel, it is even more critical that these companies - and everyone - be aware of these changes.

Understanding how we age and the impact it has on our lives, not only prepares us for what is to come, but it allows us to care for our aging loved ones and ourselves with more understanding and compassion than we otherwise might."

Carolynn Johnson