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Aug 2012

Daedalus Named to 2012 Pittsburgh 100

Daedalus is honored to be included in the Pittsburgh Business Times• Pittsburgh 100. The Pittsburgh 100 ranks the fastest-growing western Pennsylvania for-profit companies. The 2012 selections were based on revenue growth between 2009 and 2011, and we are pleased to say that this is the third time we've achieved recognition from the Pittsburgh 100.

In part our growth has been externally driven. B2B product development has seen a trend towards developing a greater understanding of end-users, which is especially true in our core areas of focus - healthcare, safety, consumer/commercial automation and energy. Though Daedalus has always evangelized this standpoint, this trend has allowed us to strengthen our research capabilities, and our user experience and user interface design capabilities. We have also augmented our electrical engineering and software engineering capabilities with the goal of creating a more complete suite of product development abilities to offer our clients, while at the same time growing our core services of industrial design and mechanical engineering.

However, much of our growth was also internally driven. We now understand the critical nature of Thought Leadership at every level at Daedalus. This means not only having and maintaining the domain knowledge in each of the professional disciplines represented at Daedalus, but constantly looking to other disciplines for inspiration to improve our practices and move our disciplines forward. We use public forums, such as Lunch & Learn events at our office, to articulate our knowledge and ideas for current and potential clients, giving them the opportunity to learn about new techniques and trends that are - or looking ahead, will soon be - of value to their businesses. Through events such as these, and through our involvement with professional organizations and universities in Pittsburgh, we have established a more public face that encourages our drive to be Thought Leaders and attracts talented employees.

One difficulty we have encountered during this time has getting our long term clients and potential clients to understand that we have grown and added these new capabilities. Though it is a work in progress, we have overcome some of these difficulties with our Thought Leadership activities, and have added a full time Business Development Manager. We constantly strive to anticipate the emerging needs of our clients and their industries, and our growth is - in part - a testament to our success in that area.

We would like to thank the Pittsburgh Business Times for this recognition. Daedalus will officially be acknowledged at an event later this month, and will be profiled in a supplement of the Pittsburgh Business Times.