A person in blue medical scrubs holds the ClearCount wand. That image is next to one of the Bilichek in its cradle.
Dec 2010

Daedalus Wins Two More GOOD DESIGN Awards in 2010

Now in its 60th year, the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design’s GOOD DESIGN program annually recognizes excellence in design and innovation from around the world. Daedalus is proud to announce two 2010 GOOD DESIGN Awards in the Medical Equipment category for our work on the Clearcount Smartwand DTX and the Bilichek Bilirubin Meter.

The Clearcount SmartWand uniquely identifies surgical sponges by means of an embedded RIFD chip. It is a portable, efficient, cost-effective way to detect and track items used in surgical procedures. The SmartWand helps protect both patients and doctors by enabling quick and easy detection of RFID-tagged items before during and after invasive procedures, reducing the possibility of retained or lost materials.

Bilichek is a handheld medical device used to screen and analyze newborns for high bilirubin levels. Bilichek’s noninvasive optical technology measures skin coloration and calculates bilirubin levels without the need to draw a newborn’s blood or order an expensive laboratory test. With this device, a healthcare professional can quickly and efficiently assess a newborn’s health and make immediate treatment decisions on the spot.