Two people stand in front of a white board with several sticky notes attached to it and discuss those ideas.
Jul 2011

Simple Prototyping Lunch & Learn, July 14

On July 14th, Daedalus and Echo Strategies hosted a reprise of our successful Simple Prototyping Lunch & Learn. To read more about the first Simple Prototyping Lunch & Learn, see the Pittsburgh Tribune Review article Business, academic minds come together to share ideas.

Our goal with this event was to illustrate the value of the using prototypes with minimal realism throughout the design process, but especially within the early stages. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it allows a team to visually communicate ideas as early in the process as possible.

By the end of the session our participants had created simple prototypes using only post-it notes, white boards, and markers for a series of design problems, including designing a dashboard for a car without a steering wheel, creating a restaurant reservation kiosk interface, and redesigning the TSA security checkpoint system at the airport, as well as several other unique design scenarios.

Our participants enjoyed the problems that we gave them, and surprised themselves with the amount of progress they were able to make in a short span of time. We hope that this session will inspire them to use these techniques within their own companies.

For more information about some of the ideas from this session, please visit our blog at

Future Lunch & Learn events will be posted on this site, so check back often for dates and descriptions.