A buffet table is in the foreground, while a crowd socializes at the Daedalus office in the background.
Apr 2014

35th Anniversary Party Highlights

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 35th anniversary. More importantly, thank you for making 35 years possible.

It was humbling. Some of you we've known for mere months; others we've known for decades. But almost everyone shared stories of success over a beer and a slice of birthday cake. More than once, we choked on pasta when someone would suddenly yell, “I remember that project! That was our first time working together. How many years ago was that?!”

Moments like those remind us that we don't just have clients; we have long-standing partners based on proven trust. We are on the same team, grateful to be relied upon to be responsive when there is need and expert in translating problems into solutions people truly need.

Thank you for the honor, for your trust, and above all, for the opportunity to join your team again and again to tackle whatever challenge is in store.

Here’s to the next 35 years together!


The Daedalus team