Three people sit at a table discussing ideas, while a fourth person stands at a white board.
Mar 2012

Why Brainstorming Doesn't Work Lunch & Learn, 3/20/12

Recently there have been several prominent articles published that disparage brainstorming, making the claim that brainstorming is a failed corporate experiment … that it doesn’t work.

The recent Lunch & Learn hosted by Daedalus and Echo Strategies on March 20, 2012, articulated for our participants why brainstorming doesn’t work and provided a sampling of idea generation tools that do.

We discussed the major problems with corporate brainstorming sessions in ways that our participants could easily identify with, having likely participated in previous sessions that fell prey to these problems. We also introduced participants to several new idea generation tools and conducted a detailed exercise utilizing one of them, the 6 Thinking Hats.

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