Four women group ideas on a wall that are written on post-it notes.

Services Prototyping Workshop

Through its quarterly Innovation Café First National Bank strives to introduce new concepts and techniques to forward-thinking members of its management team. Daedalus was asked to facilitate a "Prototyping as a Communication Tool" session to introduce and adapt prototyping to the service-oriented industry.

Utilizing product prototyping we introduced the processes and techniques involved, encouraging participants to push the boundaries of their comfort zones.

We then introduced several problem statements related to the finance industry and asked smaller teams within the session to prototype a service offering to address the problem. Among these were encouraging online banking, reducing the carbon footprint of drive-up tellers, creating a virtual safe deposit box, and other service offerings targeting new graduates and the underbanked.

By the end of the session, detailed and thought-provoking service offerings had been outlined and team members were excited to further pursue their ideas, transforming prototypes into actual FNB service offerings.

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