The Ventis Slide-on Pump is shown being held is a person's hand.

Slide-On Gas Pump

Daedalus partnered with Industrial Scientific to design and engineer the Ventis Slide-on Pump, an extension for a personal, portable gas detector. It can be attached and removed without tools, so the operator can easily manage the detector's functionality as needed in the field. Used to sample air quality and ensure safety prior to entering a confined space, these devices must be both trusted and trustworthy. Daedalus achieved this by designing for both perception and reality; the trapezoidal forms, elastomer overmold, and ribbing all contribute to both the perceived and actual ruggedness of the device, while the innovative lighting and satisfyingly precise fit communicate high-tech accuracy.

The housing meets IP67 ingress protection standards and the overall system meets UL, ATEX, and CSA intrinsic safety standards.

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