Anaerobic Workstation

An anaerobic workstation provides an oxygen-free environment necessary for drug development, infectious disease research, and biofuel exploration, as well as applications in many other fields. We provided full user research, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and interface design services in the development of a new anaerobic workstation. During the user research phase of the project, we interviewed users of existing anaerobic chambers where we learned that much of their working day is spent with their arms uncomfortably resting within circular arm ports.

As a result of our research, we developed a novel “gum drop” arm port shape, which increased reach within the chamber, improved comfort, and led to a patent award for our client. We also made servicing of the electronics much simpler than in competitors’ workstations by adding a pullout drawer to improve access. Likewise, we made the front face and filter system removable to aid in clean-ability and servicing.

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