The Beyond Oblivion music app app is shown on a smart phone while a computer with the desk top application can be seen in the background.

Music Service Experience

The recorded music industry stands at a precipice with no clear path forward to maintain previous levels of revenue in the digital age. So our client, a successful record producer and entrepreneur, contracted us to design a service that promises device-based licensing, universal playlist access, and a revenue stream to artists based on the number of plays. With a 14 million-plus song library, a unique method for discovering new music, and a rich social component, the beta was a lot of fun around the office, idling on our iTunes for some time.

Our team brought the expertise needed to design this extensive service simultaneously on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X Desktops, and Android mobile devices while moving quickly to maintain a lead over competing services. We succeeded in meaningfully differentiating our design from existing products in a competitive marketplace, and according to company leadership, our work was critical to two major fundraising rounds. We're looking forward to the next chapter.

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