The user experience of the WiFi power manager is shown, which displays the schedule and projected savings for a power manager.

Wi-Fi Power Manager

We provided product planning, industrial design, and mechanical engineering services to the development of a Wi-Fi-controlled power outlet manager. The outlet manager gives a user simple control over which devices plugged into the device receive power via WiFi - saving money and helping users minimize their impact on the environment.

The compact, self-contained outlet manager plugs into any typical wall outlet and is designed to keep a slim profile against the wall. It controls the delivered power according to a schedule set by the user, using desktop computer software. The user can manage the power schedules of individual outlets, or whole areas of a building. This device saves power typically wasted when unused appliances are left on or remain plugged in during downtime. It is a friendly, easy-to-implement way to manage power use.

Our project team also identified offshore contract manufacturers and worked with them through the successful product launch, as well as advising on electrical design and specification considerations necessary for successful U.L. approval.

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