The digital bath spout cover is shown over a bathtub faucet and shows that the water temperature is at a safe temperature, which is indicated by the reading (97.3 degrees) and the color green.

Bathtub Spout Protector

We led the industrial design effort, exploring a range of concepts informed by real-world input from parents. Along the way, we introduced additional innovations, including a visually striking and illustrative screen interface, and designed for reliable use across a broad range of bath and kitchen fixtures. Throughout development, we collaborated closely with our client to create a strong, unique visual identity for such a flagship product.

The digital bath spout cover constantly monitors the temperature of water entering the tub, displaying it on a crisp LCD screen. Parents can easily set a comfortable temperature for their infant and are kept aware of changes in the water temperature by a graphical "comfort zone" meter, shifting screen colors, and audible alerts. The product's cushioned foam exterior keeps active children safe from the hard bathtub spout and its playfully modern form appeals to both children and adults.

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