A large version and a smaller version of an augmentative communication device is shown. Each is a touch screen that allows the person to tap images and words to have the device speak for them.

Communication Device Family

We led the industrial design, mechanical engineering, and human factors effort for a family of augmentative communication devices. These large and small format touchscreen-driven devices help people with speech, language, learning, or physical disabilities communicate. Using proprietary software, each device presents a user with menus of words and pictograms to construct conversational messages. Once these messages are composed on the touch screen, the device "speaks" the message using a state-of-the-art voice generator delivered through a high-quality speaker. The on-screen system elements can be modified based on the user's preferences.

The custom hardware has many features designed for users with physical disabilities including a rugged housing, splash-resistant sealed surfaces, an easy-open integrated stand, and wheelchair mount components. In addition to its core function as a voice communicator, the device has extensive capabilities that provide a user with complete environmental control unit functionality when used with common X10 devices. This means that a user can turn on lights, open doors, and talk to their family, friends, and neighbors all through a single device.

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