Two versions of the incubating shaker are shown.

Incubating Shaker

Our designers and engineers collaborated very closely with a major laboratory equipment manufacturer to develop the shakers' form and heating assembly. The final result was a unique piece of laboratory equipment that can be used in many laboratory applications.

Designed for an international line of laboratory equipment, these incubating shakers provide consistent, uniform mixing action and allow users to adjust temperature in 1° increments up to 65°C. A timer can be set to a user-defined time limit. When the time reaches zero, the unit will shut off and an audible alarm will sound.

The shaking platforms are designed to hold a variety of lab ware, including Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, microplates, Petri dishes, and cell culture flasks. The lids are constructed of Lexan polycarbonate, which permits viewing of samples from all sides without disturbing internal temperatures. The cast aluminum base provides extra stability, especially when samples are shaken to high speeds reaching 1200 rpm.

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