The UI of the prescription filling robot is shown.

Prescription Filling Interface

After designing a minimal-footprint robot for the retail pharmacy market (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) that can automatically fill prescriptions from over 200 stocked medications at speeds of up to 100 fills per hour, we moved on to develop the user interface. With the on-screen user interface the operator controls and monitors all aspects of the prescription scheduling, filling, and checking process. This interface gives the operator control over how the robot fills the prescriptions so they can customize the processes for peak efficiency. The sizing and layout of the controls were optimized for the touchscreen application. Colors and graphics were carefully developed to quickly convey machine status to the operator, whether standing in front of the robot or viewing the display from a distance.

We collaborated closely with our client on the project. The client led product definition, back-end programming, and database management, while we focused on graphic design, user experience architecture, and human factors. We also worked with Slaymaker Systems to program and deliver a UI module that interfaced with the machine.

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