A building that is in progress, as workers add insulated concrete forms to the walls, and the finished construction.

Insulated Concrete Forms Machine

Globally, nearly 1 billion people lack access to adequate permanent shelter, representing almost 1 in 8 individuals worldwide. Addressing this formidable challenge is Onsite ICF, our client, who has been actively working on a groundbreaking solution since 2015. Their innovative machine employs insulated concrete forms (ICFs) to swiftly and affordably produce building components, empowering companies in less affluent rural areas of developing nations to construct durable and cost-effective homes using locally sourced materials.

Onsite ICF originally came to Daedalus for CAD assistance for 3D models and drawings but soon turned the design over to Daedalus to simplify and improve it. We also leveraged our extensive network to bring the right partners to speed up the prototyping process. According to Onsite ICF Managing Director, Steve Ross, “that’s something [Daedalus] brings to the table that needs to be appreciated”.

The outcome of our collaboration transformed the machine, reducing its weight from 600 lbs to approximately 150 lbs, making it easily transportable in a pickup truck. Using a two-part polyurethane foam, the machine generates blocks for rapid home assembly, requiring only to be filled with concrete to create a structural exterior or interior wall. The machine boasts a production capacity of 600 blocks per week, which is enough to assemble two small dwelling structures, each requiring the equivalent of a 55-gallon barrel of polyurethane. The finished homes are insulated, pest-repellant, and sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather.

You can read more about the project and the collaboration in Putting Housing Within Reach Through Engineering at the Daedalus blog.

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