Reusable Character Picks

Being the parent of a picky eater can be an exercise in frustration. Parenting websites suggest getting more creative and making eating more fun for kids. But how do you actually go about doing that? Picky Eaters came to Daedalus with an idea that would help with both of those pieces of advice. They envisioned a new type of kid-friendly device that would make healthy eating fun.

They originally came to us with 2D sketches of their planned designs, also called Picky Eaters™, which we converted into 3D models. The process was challenging and required multiple rounds of 3D prints to slim down the original designs, as the earliest physical pieces turned out much bulkier than they had appeared on paper.

Our designers and engineers also helped Picky Eaters to select appropriate materials for molding and modified the original designs to be more cost-effective for the molding process. For example, the original 2D models included fine lines that would have been costly to mold and which would have worn off with use. Our 3D models recreated those details in the contrast between the highlighted edges and resulting shadows. We also ensured the models were mold-ready, and connected Picky Eaters with molding manufacturing service providers.

The result is a set of reusable picks with fun characters that make eating more enjoyable.

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