A close-up of the SeeSharp, a lens cleaning and warming tool is shown.

Laparoscopic Lens Cleaner

Better patient outcomes and improved technology have led to minimally invasive surgical techniques replacing traditional techniques in more and more cases. In spite of extraordinary improvements in laparoscopic cameras, one challenge has remained – their lenses become covered in condensation, tissue, and blood. Our client, Xodus Medical, a company specializing in surgical safety, thought of a better way to keep lenses clean and free of fog. If the technical and usability issues could be resolved, this idea would be more efficient and effective than other solutions.

For help, Xodus contacted Daedalus. Working with the Xodus team, we designed and engineered a lens cleaning and warming tool, the See Sharp, that is very small, easy to position and use, and cost-effective to manufacture.

The device attaches directly to both 5mm and 12mm trocars. The device is thermostatically controlled and contains enough heated anti-fog solution to ensure lens clarity throughout the procedure. A backup bottle of the solution is also included to ensure only one of the devices is needed at a time, reducing unnecessary waste and cost in the operating room.

Cleaning laparoscopes is made easy with the inclusion of microfiber cloth, open-cell foam cleaning pads, and safety-rings custom custom-designed to eliminate the risk of trocar swabs being stuck in the patient or within the cannula. Its compact, flexible design also means laparoscopes can be cleaned and heated anywhere in the operating room. The product was designed with usability in mind, touting a 5-hour battery life and a physical footprint up to 50% more compact than prior solutions.

With the See Sharp, surgeons can more clearly focus on successful patient outcomes.

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