An assortment of medical supplies is depicted, including medication vials, gloves, a mask, scissors, gauze, and syringes.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a burdensome task for healthcare facilities. Most inventory systems require time-consuming – and costly – staff involvement to count inventory and order supplies. They’re also prone to human error. The few available automated solutions have proven to be ineffective, unreliable, or otherwise problematic.

We helped to change that. Our system, developed with a client, provides real-time visibility into stock levels and streamlines materials management. It addresses common inventory management issues including human resource misallocations; inaccurate inventory data management; first-in, first-out compliance; and out-of-stock conditions.

The patented system consists of adaptive storage bins that segregate the inventory of any particular stocked item into two bundles that are separated by a sleeve. The sleeve contains identifying information for that item and monitors the condition of the bin. When the sleeve is moved, meaning the second bundle has been accessed, the sleeve automatically transmits a restocking request.

A utility patent for the system, which named several of our designers and engineers as inventors, was awarded to our client in December 2015.

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