The entire mail screen is displayed from a front and a side view.

Mail Screener

From Pittsburgh to Nevada and California, smuggling narcotics to incarcerated prisoners is becoming much harder thanks to the ChemImage VeroVision™ Mail Screener.

ChemImage had previously developed a short-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging camera for field use by military and law enforcement to screen for explosives, chemical threats, and narcotics. A new need emerged for a non-portable indoor application that would screen for unlawful narcotics in mail sent to prisons and other secure locations. This new use required the camera to be mounted vertically onto a stand above a target sample with illumination sources both above and below the sample. Daedalus provided human factors guidance, industrial design, and engineering services for the development of a proof-of-concept demonstration stand and constructed beta models to be shown at trade shows.

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