A mission-critical communicator is shown, which is a phone with a large display that is showing a map of the US.

Secure Comm-Line Interface

As a mission-critical communicator used in aviation, space, and military applications, this highly secure keyset allows users to monitor and talk to any or all ninety communications channels, including radio, telephone, VoIP, and many other transmission formats. Through the 15" touch-screen, flat-panel display, the operator selectively activates specific channels for monitoring only or monitoring and talking. The communicator includes a traditional telephone handset, plus two headset jacks and a built-in high-quality speaker.

Our industrial design and mechanical engineering team collaborated closely on the project with our client who led product definition, electrical engineering, and software programming. Keeping human factors in mind, the device includes a unique hinged leg that manages numerous data and power cables, while enabling wall mounting and multi-angled desktop use.

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