Software Engineer / Software Developer

Location: US -- Pittsburgh, PA

Field: Software Engineer / Developer

About us:

Daedalus is an award-winning and growing leader in the fields of research, design, and engineering. We help clients understand market and user needs, create innovative solutions, and design and engineer products and interfaces for manufacture and launch. Although the firm has its deepest experience in products for healthcare, safety, and science, we also regularly engage in consumer product development. High quality customer service and great product outcomes are our most important values, and we pride ourselves on long term relationships with numerous global corporations. Located steps from two leading universities, Daedalus shares its expertise through undergraduate and graduate courses, public lectures, and professional training services. This creates a stimulating and productive environment of teaching, learning, and practice.


Our highly capable product development team is looking for an additional strong software engineer. The ideal candidate will have a mixture of embedded (microcontroller) development, iOS, Android, and PC/Linux applications as needed for a wide variety of products and markets. Must be able to work independently, provide good schedule and status estimates, and interface directly with clients, interaction designers, and other engineers.

There are opportunities requiring development in all of the following areas, and the candidate should have experience in or knowledge of most of them:

  • experience in embedded software development for microcontrollers in C and/or C++

    • ability to understand processor reference manuals and use on-chip peripherals

    • familiarity with ADC, timer, PWM, RS-232, I2C, SPI, DAC, USB, FLASH, LCD, and Ethernet interfaces

    • knowledge of fail-safe software design approaches like watchdogs, redundancy, handshakes, and error checking

    • familiarity with basic sensor and control signal processing such as filters, FFT/iFFT, and PID control

    • ability to review, understand, and augment/revise existing code

    • ability to read schematics and participate in low level hardware/software design decisions

  • knowledge of app development for both iOS and Android (Objective C and Java)

    • ability to implement rapid prototypes for user interfaces

    • knowledge of device control, sensors, and networking capabilities

    • ability to develop, test, and release production quality applications

  • familiarity with PC, Linux, and web development

    • ability to implement rapid prototypes for user interfaces

    • knowledge of database interfaces and networking

    • Linux development including custom OS configuration and driver development

    • knowledge of Python and other high level languages

    • familiarity with matlab and DSP libraries for more advanced signal processing applications

Additional Details:

  • Immediate availability is desirable but not required

  • Salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with experience and capability

  • The position is open to US citizens, permanent residents, or those with authorization to work in the US.

  • Please apply and follow up through the link below. Include message in body describing the primary reasons you are a fit for this position. Include resume, portfolio, and any other relevant materials via link or .pdf, Word or .ppt attachment. Digital applications only; mailed or delivered materials will not be reviewed or returned.

Applications are welcomed from job candidates with the qualifications described. Daedalus does not pay employment agency fees, nor does it accept or review candidate materials submitted by agencies.

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit a cover letter, resume, and work samples.