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Software Engineering

With the proliferation of smartphones, touchscreen-based devices, and biometric and remote sensors, the demand for intelligent, interactive products has also grown. Agile, inventive, and dependable software engineering is required to develop these products.

Internally, our software engineers write code to determine the functionality of electrical or mechanical concepts and to verify the performance of a product after it is built. Our software engineers prototype live user interface mock-ups to help convey an idea and gain feedback from both clients and end-users. Our software engineers work closely with our clients to ensure that our deliverables integrate into the client’s development process.

With our expertise and experience, we’ve written complete software packages for products—whether it’s an iOS or Android mobile app; a Windows, Linux, or OS X desktop application; or an embedded program within a low-power device, radio, or Linux/RTOS. At Daedalus, the integration of disciplines allows for fluid communication, reducing the time allocated to implementation and verification.