Close-up of a pair of hands soldering a circuit board on a well-lit black desk.

Electrical Engineering

We offer years of experience in electronic design, development, and integration for innovative and successful products. Our electrical engineering team works with analog sensors, data conversion and processing, standard and custom displays, wireless communication, low-power battery operation, battery charger design, and battery sourcing. Designing and integrating custom circuit boards to meet the size, shape, and functional requirements is accomplished quickly and accurately using rapid prototyping techniques and tight interaction with the client and cross-discipline teams. Specialized knowledge in intrinsic safety, motion control, thermal management, power management, low noise analog, low power RF, high reliability, regulatory compliance, and design for low cost is complemented by our focus on the client's design and process requirements.

Using a system-level top-down approach and existing and emerging technologies, configurations and components are carefully considered when developing solution alternatives. As alternatives are refined, the performance, development cost, schedule, risk, and product costs are estimated to inform developing design decisions. Prototyping and investigative activities are identified and quickly implemented (using off-the-shelf components, where possible) to reduce risk, answer questions, and validate designs. The final design of custom circuit boards is tightly coupled with mechanical and software engineering to minimize performance and schedule risks, yielding functional prototypes as early as possible for performance and user validation.

Today, the cost and development time for custom circuit boards, microcontrollers, displays, sensors, communication, digital storage, LEDs, and switches have all fallen to the point that customers expect even low-volume specialized products to have optimized, application-specific technology. Daedalus has worked with many prototype and production contract manufacturers and can help in the transition from prototype to production, whether you are building 10 units per year or 100,000 units per month.