Whether your company is seeking incremental improvement or breakthrough innovation, design research plays a crucial role in the development of successful products, services, interfaces, and experiences. Design research provides a deep understanding of the context of use and all of the stakeholders -- end users and everyone else who interacts with the product or service, including people who build it, sell it, service it, and those who dispose of it at the end of its useful life.

Design research bridges the gap between what is and what should be. By looking at the current state - how the product or service is being used now, who uses it, when, where, and why - opportunities to eliminate problems and enhance the design experience can be uncovered. Research insights provide a framework for actionable innovation, enabling new and better solutions within practical boundaries.

At Daedalus, we take a prescriptive approach to planning, conducting, summarizing, and analyzing qualitative research, using one or more methods found within our Research Toolbox. The method(s) used depend on the type of information desired and where in the design process the research is conducted -- are you trying to discover unmet needs for a new product or service or are you seeking to understand the usability of an already existing product or service?

After conducting research there is often an overabundance of information. Our research team is capable of sifting through seas of information to reveal promising insights and useful trends. Design research inspires creative thinking by magnifying subtle details while maintaining a holistic focus. With our combination of research and visualization methods, we remove the noise and bring insights into clear focus.