Close-up of a pair of hands holding and interacting with a screen. In the background, several men, mostly at torso level, appear to be observing. One of them is wearing a safety-yellow reflective vest and there is a truck in the background behind him.


Whether your company aims for incremental improvement or groundbreaking innovation, design research remains a pivotal factor in the development of successful products, services, interfaces, and experiences. It offers a profound comprehension of the usage context and involves all stakeholders, encompassing end users and everyone else interacting with the product or service—from builders and sellers to service providers and those responsible for its disposal at the end of its useful life.

Design research acts as the bridge between the existing state and the envisioned future. By examining the present state—how the product or service is currently utilized, who its users are, when and where it's used, and why—opportunities to rectify issues and enhance the design experience become apparent. Research insights establish a foundation for actionable innovation, paving the way for new and improved solutions within practical constraints.

At Daedalus, we adopt a prescriptive approach to plan, execute, summarize, and analyze qualitative research, leveraging methods from our Research Toolbox. The choice of method(s) depends on the desired information type and the stage in the design process—is the goal to uncover unmet needs for a new product or service, or is it to understand the usability of an existing one?

Post-research, the abundance of information can be overwhelming. Our research team excels at navigating through this sea of data to unveil promising insights and meaningful trends. Design research sparks creative thinking by amplifying subtle details while maintaining a holistic perspective. Through our blend of research and visualization methods, we filter out the noise, bringing insights into clear focus.