Daedalus provides a full slate of research, design, human factors, engineering, and manufacturing transition services to medical, scientific, consumer and industrial product companies. The Daedalus team has helped bring hundreds of successful products to market for companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 50.

Compact Infusion System
The PET scan infusion system is a mobile fluid injector used in hospital oncology wards. It provides a precise, flexible, safe, and efficient way to administer radioactive infusions for PET scan imaging.
Bottle Wash/Fill App
We supplemented our industrial design and mechanical engineering services for our client's new bottle cleaning and refilling station with software design and engineering for a new mobile app.
Services Prototyping Workshop
Daedalus was asked to facilitate a "Prototyping as a Communication Tool" session to introduce and adapt prototyping to the service-oriented industry.
Pharmaceutical Cabinet
An intelligent, networked, secure medication-dispensing cabinet prevents errors while accelerating treatment and reducing cost. Located on the patient floors of hospitals, nurses station cabinets are networked to the hospital pharmacy-based medication sorting and dispensing robot.
Recent News

New Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

We've acquired new rapid-prototyping machines, adding to our in-house part-making capabilities.

Rail Safety 2016

In any design major human major issues can lead to overt performance errors. But "minor" usability issues - often dismissed - add up...

Hacked by Barbie: Security in IoT Devices

Daedalus Software Engineer George Davis will be presenting at next month's Cyburgh, PA Initiative on security concerns that should be considered when designing connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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