Jul 2019

Mechanical Designer Luke Yount

Luke Yount joins Daedalus as a Mechanical Designer. Luke came to us from Teletrix, where he designed radiation and gas monitor training simulators. He has a B.S. in Technology & Engineering Education from Millersville University, and while at Millersville, led the design for the school’s Baja SAE team, for which he helped to design, build, and compete with a miniature Baja buggy.

Luke enjoys restoring vintage tools, is skilled in both sewing and knitting, and on the far side of the creative continuum is an avid competitor in combat robot events. Competing with small combat robots that are under 30 pounds, Luke has won first-place at the Ohio State Fair Combat Robotics event, and has competed at SWPA BotsIQ, National Robotics League Nationals, HORD @ Colossalcon, NERC Franklin Institute, Motorama, Rage in the Cage, Bot Blast, and MassDestruction X.