Oct 2017

James Eastburn joins the EE group

Daedalus welcomes James Eastburn to our group. James, an Electrical Engineer, comes to us from GigaHetrz LLC, where he designed the emergency break-in modulators of a broadcast radio system designed for Pittsburgh’s own Liberty Tunnels and contributed to a broadcast radio system that was installed in the Fort Pitt Tunnels.

James was the lead engineer and project manager for a low-power shortwave diathermy system (diathermy uses high-frequency electric currents to stimulate heat generation within body tissues). He also designed the control system for a 5kW three-phase saturable reactor power supply, and designed a replacement A/V controller—with solid-state media content—-using the Raspberry Pi micro-controller and custom interface circuits, which he installed at the Boy Scouts’ Laurel Council headquarters.

In his free time, James enjoys making music with friends, and is a certified scuba diver.