Oct 2017

James Eastburn joins Daedalus

Daedalus welcomes James Eastburn to our group. James, an Electrical Engineer, comes to us from GigaHetrz LLC, where he designed the emergency break-in modulators of a broadcast radio system designed for Pittsburgh’s own Liberty Tunnels and contributed to a broadcast radio system that was installed in the Fort Pitt Tunnels.

James was the lead engineer and project manager for a low-power shortwave diathermy system (diathermy uses high-frequency electric currents to stimulate heat generation within body tissues). He also designed the control system for a 5kW three-phase saturable reactor power supply, and designed a replacement A/V controller—with solid-state media content—-using the Raspberry Pi micro-controller and custom interface circuits, which he installed at the Boy Scouts’ Laurel Council headquarters.

In his free time, James enjoys making music with friends, and is a certified scuba diver.